So this blog post will not go as planned. Late Friday or early Saturday I was going to post a review of the movie Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore. Yesterday I learned that Sony Pictures Classic was having it only on a limited release, which does not even include my state; let alone my city. To say that I am devastated at this news is an understatement. But instead of pout in the corner about it, I decided to do a giveaway of the book Still Alice!

This book attempts to take a look at Alzheimer’s through the eyes of one actually diagnosed with the disease. I read this book when my mother was in the moderate stages of the disease and have passed it on to many others because it was as close as I could get to my desire to literally crawl inside of her mind for a few hours in order to gain a better understanding of how she now viewed the world around her. A highly intelligent, well respected professor at an esteemed university, Alice Howland (played by Julianne Moore) finds herself aggravated by her forgetfulness; a word during a speech, taking a wrong turn or forgetting an appointment. Her world threatens to spin out of control, but she does a fabulous job adapting to her changing mind for a considerable time. The author, Lisa Genova a Harvard Neuroscientist, leaves you experiencing a whole host of emotions! For this book to be made into a movie may, for the first time, bring millions of people a “first hand” look at Alzheimer’s Disease, spread awareness and increase resources that can be used to find treatment and eventually a cure for this dreadful disease. Join me in asking Sony Pictures and Sony Pictures Classic to widen the release of this powerful movie that could alter the course of a disease.

To win a copy of Still Alice, simply follow my blog and then share the link on your favorite social media site, posted below. I will announce the winner on Monday morning, January 19!