I guess at one point or another one has to finally just dive in, right? I’ve been kicking around many ideas surrounding this blog for years, which intensified greatly in the last nine or so months. But it was surprisingly difficult to type this first post.

I am a DREAMER! I always have been. Often, to my husband’s dismay, I will have my head in the clouds dreaming of possibilities or new and exciting challenges that I could undertake. So what am I dreaming these days? And is it still a dream if it is something you have been pondering for months or years, but have just lacked the fortitude to actually start stepping in the direction of your dream? Or if it continues to beat against your brain for so long does it cease to be a dream but is an actual CALLING?

So my dream/calling is this: To educate people from age 2 to 102 about Alzheimer’s Disease by writing, speaking and this blog. It is also to share my love of baking and all things culinary, including wine! I suppose I would be remiss if I did not also add my love of fitness and nutrition to the list. So here I go. One step forward.

You can link to my other/previous blog that chronicles my mother’s journey through Alzheimer’s here: www.beth-insidethesandwich.blogspot.com

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So glimpse of a couple things to come:
Runzas: A Nebraska Tradition
Still Alice – The book and movie